In this testimonial, business owners and community leaders from Gulf Shores and surrounding areas talk about how Design Print Promote consistently delivers on affordable prices, top notch customer service , and quality that's second to none.
With the lineup announcement for The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival today we thought we would share one of our favorite testimonials from The Hangout. This one is near and dear to us because not only do we appreciate their business, but we appreciate what they are doing in the community to bring national attention, great events, and awesome people to our area.
Check out our newest testimonial from Steve Jones. Steve highlights the two things we think are vital to small businesses: outstanding customer service and community involvement (coming from a businessman that exemplifies involvement)! From real estate, to serving as a council member for the City of Gulf Shores, to photography, to being an active member in the Kiwanis club, Steve is one of the most engaged members we know in our community. Coming up with a title for him was quite a challenge (it would definitely never fit in a tweet)!
Here is a great testimonial from a man we truly admire. Education is very important to us and with Dr. Rosado at the helm of Gulf Shores High School our students have a great future. From Retired Marine to Principal his service is not only respected, but appreciated! GO DOLPHINS!
If you know us personally then you know how much we love our "Small Town, Big Beach"! We believe that giving back to our community is not only fun, but what great businesses are expected to do! By our own admission, at times we may give too much, but we feel it is time well spent. In this testimonial, Blake Phelps, the Marketing Coordinator for The City of Gulf Shores, tells us about how Design Print Promote helps him to realize the city's marketing goals and initiatives.
ED is so Awesome! He can lead a Chamber of Commerce like no other! He is so passionate and energetic that we have no choice, but to support his amazing vision for our business community! If we listed all of the volunteer roles and titles that we have taken on for this organization it would take up the whole page! But seriously, we take business personal and are happy to support local business in Coastal Alabama!
Rick Miller is a great example of an entrepreneur that is helping aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. He ran the business support center after the oil spill helping small businesses in tough economic times, he volunteers for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy where he helps grade school students start their own businesses, and is the CEO of Pro356 where he offers consulting services to organizations. In this testimonial, Rick talks about the importance of having high quality materials that make a powerful and lasting first impression on clients.
There are several great examples of couples that are in business together in our community. This couple sets a great example as a business that supports education, is involved in the chamber, and in the community. They are so active that we hope to have half as much energy as they have when we are thier age! Seriously love these guys, they are an inspiration to us! In this testimonial, Linda and Tom Spangrud of Spangrud and Associates talk about DPP's commitment to education, the local community, and professionalism.
Some more written testimonials we have received over the years!

A big "thank you" to our friend, Tara McMeans, of Design, Print, Promote, for helping make our vision for our logo a reality! It looks even better next to that gold medal!! -NUISANCE Group, Chef Chris Sherrill and Chandra Wright (Founders)

"Hey I don't normally do this because most comedy flyers I see make my eyes bleed, but I just wanted to give you mad props on that flyer. I think it looks amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it either, I think you really knocked it outta the park! Thanks!" -Chase Durousseau, Comedian

"I get fantastic, prompt, professional service with DPP. Tara is a jewel to work with, and I get a great value for high quality work!" -Robert "Tito" Norris, DDS

"Design Print Promote is the only company I know of that you don't have to sit with and design a flyer! They get the message across. I guess thats why its called Design Print Promote. Most companies are more concerned with how cute it looks versus getting a message across. Take it from someone who has been promoting for 7 years." -Lewis Sevilla, CEO Redline Ent. & Prod Inc. /

"A company I can count on! It is so easy, I just send an email of what I want and I quickly get a design back. The final product is delivered to my door and is top quality! With all of the day to day responsibilities I have it is nice to be able to know that when I use DPP the job gets done with ease and allows me to focus on other things within the business." -Carrie Sue Turner-Gray, M.B.A. Chief Financial Officer / Alternate Administrator Meta-Care Corporation

"A couple of my fans got together and asked Tara (another fan) if she would make an e-flyer just so they could promote.. she did it and it looks great. She has her own design company so if you like her work... use her on some work you need done for flyers or anything that you may need to look great... wow!! Awesome job.. Thanks" -Johnny Vicious

"The nicest flyer I had seen in a while" -DJ Mea

"If you are in need of excellent professional quality graphics for logos, business cards, posters, flyers, etc... Design Print Promote is the company you will want to do business with. Tara McMeans of Design Print Promote designed an amazing logo for capAcity Entertainment. " -Lance McNeill, CEO capAcity Entertainment